Our mission

who are we؟

Petrochemical Industries Investment Company is a specialized multidisciplinary holding that was established in 1370 with the use of management power and with the aim of people’s participation in investment matters.

Petrochemical Industries Investment started its activities in 1373 as the first private investment company of petrochemical industries and one of the largest holdings, and now, after 28 years since the beginning of its activities, it has been able to employ expert forces and the available facilities of short-term planning between become one of the largest holdings in the long term. The activity of this company consists of 3 production departments, technical and engineering services and investment.

The two major shareholders of this company are the Social Security Investment Company (Shasta) and the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Investment Company (Tapico), which aims to use the potential of the private sector and technical knowledge to develop the company’s activities quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our capital is the smile of satisfaction of 41 million people from the hardworking, honorable and experienced human capitals of the country, whose trustworthiness and protection of their interests is our mission.

what do we do؟

Improving the value of the company’s capital
Access to more shares in downstream petrochemical industries
Achieving the highest level of profitability
Qualitative development of human resources by creating culture, creating motivation and continuous and effective training in order to increase productivity
Satisfaction of shareholders and other stakeholders
Having efficient employees and managers
Attracting financial resources
Increasing the return on investments

where are we going؟

Establishment of strategic control management method
Strengthen maternal characteristics
Emphasis on new management approaches and comprehensive information system
Promotion of synergy between subsidiaries
Emphasis on improving performance evaluation and raising the level of resource efficiency
Focus on downstream petrochemical industries
Entering foreign markets and strengthening partnerships with capable investors
Emphasis on completing the value chain and economy of scale
Development of investment in high-yield areas
Human resource system optimization
Strengthening creativity, entrepreneurship and teamwork


Human dignity and maintaining the dignity of the beneficiaries
Preservation of Islamic and Iranian affairs
Discipline and rule of law
meritocracy and justice-oriented
Honesty, trustworthiness and work commitment
Participation, sense of cooperation and empathy
Liquidity and transparency
creativity and innovation