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mode_standbyKey Achievements in 2023

1. Successful resolution of the NPC case, addressing the largest challenge confronting the holding.
2. Completion of the Dodeh Saneti Pars project, leading to a significant increase in production, efficiency, and profitability, valued at over 174 billion Tomans.
3. Execution of the repair contract and establishment of the citric acid factory, with substantial progress in the repair process.
4. Inauguration of the Radinas Innovation Center, marking the launch of the first innovation hub within Shasta Group.
5. Implementation of a pallet production machine at Farvarad Qeshm Chemical Company.
6. Historic production of P-TYPE grade at Iran Carbon Company, a pioneering achievement in the country.
7. Acquisition of shares in Vasahkht company, securing three management seats.
8. Reactivation of Hamon Kish Investment Company following a two-year suspension.
9. Approval for establishing the inaugural bold fund for PIIC Holding within Shasta Group.
10. Compilation of the portfolio modification document and formulation of the holding’s investment policy statement.

mode_standbyThe Most Significant Upcoming Programs:

1. Pre-launch and full launch of the Kermanshah citric acid factory.
2. Strategic evaluation to identify the optimal plan for relocating Iran’s carbon factory from Ahvaz city.
3. Restructuring and consolidation of Gazloule Group companies in order to enhance operational efficiency.
4. Determining the status of non-productive assets. (Making the assets productive)
5. New investments in high-value chemical and petrochemical production plans employing a knowledge-based approach.
6. Implementation of at least one innovative project in each subsidiary within a maximum timeframe of two years.
7. Augmentation of operating income through transparent and equitable platforms like the commodity exchange.
8. Optimization of production lines by reducing unused capacities, fostering an increase in production.
9. Streamlining the collection process for claims thus minimizing both volume and duration.
10. Synergies across group companies through shared goals in foreign markets.
11. Cost management within subsidiaries based on a comprehensive understanding of cost composition.
12. Collaborative procurement of raw materials among companies operating within similar fields of activity.
13. Effective management of energy costs and prevention of waste in factories and companies.
14. Compilation and updating of job classification plans within the holding company and its subsidiaries.
15. Skill development and empowerment initiatives for employees, aiming to enhance efficiency.
16. Establishment of a job evaluation system and service compensation structure.
17. Development and implementation of an evaluation center for talent management, succession planning and meritocracy.
18. Creation of a specialized training and research center focused on the petrochemical industry.
19. Formation of a centralized financing committee to coordinate financing activities among holding companies.
20. Utilization of new financing tools from the capital market for development projects.

mode_standbyMembers of the Board

H. Baramaki Yazdi
Vice Chairman of the Board & Managing Director
H. Mesine Asl
Chairman of the Board
A.H. Pahlevan
Member of the Board and Business Development Deputy
M. Jahanbani
Member of the Board
M. Abdullah Pour
Member of the Board


M. Ghasemi
Vice President of Finance and Investment
A.H. Pahlavan
Vice President of Business Development
A. Mohammaddoost
Vice President of Human Resources and Support


Y. Rahmatipour
Supervisor of Financial Affairs
Y. Moonsan
Director of Engineering and Information Technology Organization
M. Khakpour
Technical Director
S. Behrouz
Security Supervisor
S. J. Mousavi
Director of Stock and Investment Affairs
A. Rostami Motamed
Director of Internal Audit
H.R. Azizpour
Director of Legal Affairs and Contracts

H.R. Bakhshi

Director of Public Relations
E. Dehghan
Director of Planning and Strategic Management

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placeAddress: No. 219, 25th St. Seyed Jamaledin Asadabadi St. Tehran, Iran